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Homes for sale in Weston are in a suburban city on the furthest western edge of Broward County. Weston is bordered by the Everglades to the West as well as to the North. On its East side, Weston faces Davie and Southwest Ranches. To the South of Weston is the city of Pembroke Pines. Weston is one of the newest cities in all of Broward County, having only been incorporated back in 1996. Weston is known throughout the area as one of the most family oriented communities to be found in South Florida.

Weston began as a master planned community and its strict adherence to a plan of well managed growth has put the city on the national map. In fact, as recently as 2012, MoneyMagazine ranked Weston number 62 in the best places to live category. Moreover, Weston is also known throughout the area as being more of an affluent suburb. Weston consistently ranks high in the CNN Money Magazine “Biggest Earners Category”. Interestingly this has not in fact translated to higher property taxes. The city of Weston actually has some of the lowest millage rates to be found in the area. At the same time, Weston is proud of the fact that the city has one of the lowest crime rates in all of Broward County. The combination of all of these factors have turned Weston into a desirable community, so much so that the population now stands at 68,388 residents (2013 reported statistics). Within the city of Weston there are ample educational facilities for school age children.

Weston’s schools are all ‘A’ rated. These schools include 6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools as well as a single high school. In addition to all of that, there are 2 private schools located in Weston. In and around Weston there is a generous assortment of parks and recreational facilities. For example, there is the Weston Regional Park which includes swimming pools, a skate park, baseball fields, outdoor hockey rinks, basketball courts, playgrounds and much more. Another interesting park favored by residents is the Tequesta Trace Park which features baseball and football fields, a hockeyrink as well as a track and hiking trail. Although not located in Weston per se, the locally popular Markham Park (one of the largest parks in Broward County) is just over the city’s border on the North side. Finally, just a short drive up US 27 is the Sawgrass Recreation Park. Weston is also unique in that it hosts not one, but two recognized and designated archaeological sites.

Within the city borders there is both an 8,000 year old paleo- Indian as well as a Tequesta Indian burial mound. Weston is also unique in that it has an unusual setup. The city charter specifically discourages the hiring of employees. As of last count, the city had only 9 employees on payroll. Everything else is contracted to outside vendors. By using this model, the city can add or decrease service levels as needed without the traditional costs associating with adding or letting go of existing staff. Some progressive cities in other states are looking to Weston’s charter as a model for the future. The real estate in Weston is much as you would expect in an affluent community. Here you will find single family homes, townhouse communities as well as condominium associations. Also, there are rental options available.

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