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Pembroke Pines is a city in the southwest section of Broward County. Pembroke Pines is an inland South Florida community on the edge of the Everglades that experienced a large growth spurt in the early 1990’s. After Hurricane Andrew wreaked a path of destruction in Miami Dade County, many residents fled northward and settled in Pembroke Pines. Since then, Pembroke Pines has exceeded expectations and grown into a multiple award winning community. In terms of location, Pembroke Pines is bounded by the Everglades to the West, by Hollywood to the East, by the city of Cooper City to the East and by Miramar to the South.

Pembroke Pines has made quite the name for itself since the population boom of the nineties. The city has been named an “All America City” in addition to being listed in the Top 100 Best Places To Live. More importantly to those with families, Pembroke Pines has been rated as the number one city in Florida as the Best Places To Raise Your Kids.

In terms of actual population, the most recent statistics show there are 159,744 people spread out over 25 neighborhoods. This comparatively large population makes Pembroke Pines the tenth largest community in Florida. In addition, Pembroke Pines is considered to be one of the most diverse cities in the state of Florida.

To serve this community, there are ample educational facilities located throughout the city. There are no less than 14 elementary schools; there are 7 middle schools as well as 5 high schools. In addition to all of that, there are numerous charter and private educational facilities available. Finally, to serve a community of this size, there are higher education facilities available such as Broward College and Florida International University regional campus. Recognizing the nature of its unique community, Pembroke Pines has adopted a motto or slogan to demonstrate the overriding theme to the community. Pembroke Pines is a “community with small town feel and big city amenities”. This theme is seen in the fact that Pembroke Pines provides a community that combines diversity along with a high quality of life. This allows the city to serve all of its residents, from the youngest school child to the retired senior citizen. There are numerous facilities within the community for activities for residents of all ages.

For example, the city includes numerous parks throughout that are meticulously maintained year round. These parks include everything from playgrounds to dog parks and just everything in between. Throughout the year, there are various programs and planned activities such as the annual Free Jazz Concert Series, the December Sundaes with Santa and much more. The real estate within Pembroke Pines is typical of what you will find in other South Florida communities. Here you will find single family homes, condominium and homeowner associations as well as rental real estate options. As you can see, Pembroke Pines is a unique community. Here is one community that really does provide the amenities you would expect from a larger community delivered in such a way that there is still the small town feel.

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