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Homes for Sale in ParklandHomes for sale in Parkland are located in the northwest section of Broward County. Parkland is an inland South Florida community that began as a horse and polo community. Since then, Parkland has morphed into one of the most affluent cities located in South Florida. In terms of location, Parkland is bounded by the Everglades to the West by Boca Raton to the North, to the South by Coral Springs and by Deerfield Beach to the East. Also note that the northern boundary of Parkland sits on the dividing line between Broward and Palm Beach County. The population in Parkland is reported as 24,050 residents as of 2014. The demographics for Parkland clearly represent what you would expect from a city with a long-standing reputation as an affluent city. The median household income of $102,624 is almost three times the size of the state median household income. In addition, the per capita income of $41,896 is twice that of the state average. Finally, the value of owner occupied housing at$309,700 is three times larger than the state average.

Homes for sale in Parkland are in a city that is highly sought after because of  it’s reputation as a clean and safe city. As you might expect from a city with the name Parkland, there is abundance of trees and natural foliage throughout the community. This meticulous attention to providing a well maintained “park like” environment makes Parkland unique among South Florida cities. Actually, the community leaders of Parkland enforce strict zoning laws to ensure this ‘park like’ feel to the area is carefully maintained. The effect is that of a rural enclave, safely nestled away in the midst of the urban sprawl as is found in other South Florida communities.

Homes for Sale in ParklandHomes for Sale in Parkland are served by the Broward County School District. There are three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. In addition, there is a private Christian school in the area. Of course, should parents so desire, additional private educational opportunities are but a short commute away such as those found in Boca Raton. In terms of community recreation opportunities, Parkland maintains a generous assortment of public parks. Here you will find everything from the horseback riding and horse shows to movies in the park, an annual fishing derby, concert series and much more. The Parks and Recreation Department in Parkland strives to serve its residents of all ages with programs ranging from Summer Camp for children to special senior events year round.

The real estate choices in Parkland are quite diverse. When looking at Homes for sale in Parkland you will find everything from exclusive gated communities to executive style homes and even a couple of what are politely referred to as “suburban McMansions”. At the same time, you are just as likely to come up small farms and mini-equestrian styleranches. All in all, the city of Parkland is a more upscale community that works hard to maintain its long standing image of a rural enclave tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the more urbanized South Florida cities on its borders.

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