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Homes for Sale in Lighthouse PointHomes for sale in Lighthouse Point are found within this city in the Southeast section of Broward County situated on the Atlantic coast. The location of Lighthouse Point right on the ocean means that it is bounded on the East by the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, Hillsboro Beach to the North, and by Pompano Beach to the South and West. As of 2014 statistics, the population in Light House Point is reported as 10,714 residents.

Lighthouse Point is named for the lighthouse at the end of Hillsboro Inlet to the north. Lighthouse Point is unique in two respects. Homes for sale in Lighthouse Point attract a significantly higher number of residents with at least a Bachelor’s Degree. That is, in the Lighthouse Point community an astounding 43% of its residents have a degree compared to the U.S. national average of only 21%. Also, the median income is decidedly higher. The average household income is $102,929 with a median household income of $59,685.

As you might expect from such a unique geographical location, homes for sale in Lighthouse Point community includes a significant number of boating enthusiasts. In fact, quite a few of the real estate choices include access to dock space. Many residents enjoy fishing as a hobby. To support this interest, there are numerous bait and boating repair facilities along with yacht and boat brokerages. Lighthouse Point is somewhat of a smaller Florida city as you can see from the number of residents. The homes for sale in the Lighthouse Point area comprises three separate neighborhoods, all which are either directly on or in close proximity to the Intracoastal Waterway. Lighthouse Point is located in the area often referred to as the “Gold Coast of South Florida”.

Due to the comparatively smaller size of the community there are no public schools located within Lighthouse Point. Consider the small geographic area of this city; Lighthouse Point is a mere 2.31 square miles plus a water area of 0.08 miles. That being said, Lighthouse Point is a special community in the South Florida area. There is a decided focus on keeping the small town feel of the area. At the same time, residents gravitate towards a leisure culture as has been the case since the city’s founding.

One great example of this can be found in the gourmet sea-food restaurant Cap’s Place Island Restaurant. This restaurant began as a local speakeasy during Prohibition and is still open to residents and visitors to this day. Interestingly, Cap’s Place is only accessible by a private shuttle. This shuttle ferries restaurant patrons to Cap’s exclusive island location. Within the community, besides the numerous opportunities from boating, there are 5 public parks. The largest of these, Dan Witt Park is a six acre recreation area complete with basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and soccer fields. The park has become somewhat renowned for its popular Summer Day Camp program, which attracts parents and children from Lighthouse Point as well as surrounding communities. Homes for sale in the Lighthouse Point community reflect the real estate choices in the neighborhoods described above. There are luxury homes and condominiums as well as local apartment choices.

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