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Homes for Sale in Deerfield BeachHomes for sale in Deerfield Beach are located in the southeast section of Broward County on the Atlantic coast. Deerfield Beach is bounded by Boca Raton to the North, by the Coral Springs and Parkland to the West and by Pompano Beach to the South. As of 2014 reported statistics, the population in Deerfield Beach is 75,274 residents.

Deerfield Beach is a city in Southeast for a variety of reasons. Start with the International Fishing Pier, considered the crown jewel of the beach area, which attracts thousands of visitors and residents each year. The beaches in Deerfield Beach area are some of the most pristine to be found in Florida.

In addition, the Deerfield Beach coastal area happens to have the most consistent surfing conditions in the South Florida area. There are two specially set aside surfing areas. Deerfield Beach hosts the Eastern Surfing Association competition as well as other ocean sports events throughout the year.

Homes for Sale in Deerfield BeachInterestingly, the name for the city came from the large herds of deer that used to roam the area, especially along the banks of the Hillsboro River. For a coastal community this size, homes for sale in Deerfield Beach has ample educational facilities administered through the Broward County School System. There are 4 elementary schools, 1 middle schooland 1 high school. Additionally, should the parents so desire, there are are 3 different religious schools based on differing faiths. Transportation is fast and easy throughout Deerfield Beach.

Public transportation is available through the Broward County Transit bus system. Additionally, Deerfield Beach hosts its own Tri-Rail station. Finally, access to Interstate 95 is convenient from most any area in Deerfield Beach. Because of the location  of Deerfield Beach within the South Florida area, there are two international airports a mere 30 minutes away. Not only that, Deerfield Beach is convenient to two seaports.

Homes for sale in Deerfield Beach also offers other attractions and activities besides oceanside events. There is the Deerfield Beach Arboretum. Referred to by residents as the “Tree Zoo”, the Arboretum is a 9 acre facility with more than 200 different species of trees and palms from around the world. Another attraction favored by residents is Quiet Waters Park. Quiet Waters Park is a massive facility consisting of 430 acres of parkland. Here you will find a skate park, campgrounds, mountain bike trails and children’s water park. Moreover, Quiet

Homes for Sale in Deerfield BeachWaters Park is host to Ski Rixen, one of only 79 cable water ski attractions in the world. Ski Rixen also happens to be the only wakeboard and water ski resort located in the entire South Florida region.

All of that aside, Quiet Waters Park is most famous for hosting the annual Renaissance Festival. This festival celebrates the glory days of years past with activities and games from the

Renaissance period. This event is typically held over a 6 week period beginning in February. In terms of real estate, homes for Sale in Deerfield Beach offers a unique blend of neighborhoods and communities. There are both luxurious high end choices as well as more traditional quaint single family home choices. Like most areas in South Florida, Deerfield Beach real estate is a mix of single family homes, low and high rise condominiums along with townhouse communities and apartment rental choices. Bottom line is that Deerfield Beach has a lot to offer from the ocean to the inland areas, there is always something for locals to enjoy.

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