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Homes for Sale in DavieHomes for sale in Davie are located in southwest Broward County Florida. As of 2010, the US Census reported a population of 91,992 residents comprising 37,306 separate households. In terms of income, in Davie the median household income was reported as $47,014 whereas median family income was a respectable $56,290.

Davie boasts a wide assortment of both primary and secondary schools both public and private. Additionally, Davie is home to the South Florida Educational Center. This educational center hosts universities such as Nova Southeastern, Florida Atlantic, the University of Florida and more. In other words, many of the homes for sale in Davie are in areas in and around the educational center gives Davie the feel of a ‘college town’.

Homes for sale in Davie are comprised of a unique blend of real estate with single family homes, townhouse communities as well as condominiums. In addition, to serve the areas in and around the “education hub”, there is a generous assortment of Davie real estate rentals available.

Homes for Sale in DavieMany people are drawn to Davie for the wide open spaces as well as the traditional “western” feel that Davie has maintained since its early founding. Davie is typically referred to as a very livable community. In large part this is due to the excellent school systems throughout Davie as well as the meticulously maintained park systems. Additionally, Davie appeals to those who are looking for equestrian communities. There are more than 165 miles of equestrian trails available in Davie.

As you might expect, real estate homes for sale in Davie are like other cities throughout the South Florida area. The town combines modern tropical living sophistication along with a wide assortment of restaurants and shops. The difference is that these restaurants and shops are unique to Davie both its Western and equestrian loving community. At the same time, Davie provides unique opportunities to experience natural Florida flora and fauna. A prime example is Flamingo Gardens, an exotic oasis for locals and visitors alike. Another example can be found at The Botanical Gardens which consists of over 3000 species of exotic and tropical plant life as well an extensive wild life sanctuary. Another local favorite flavor is the Bar-B-Ranch, the oldest and most experienced equestrian range in south Florida which provides scenic rides in numerous trails for various occasions.

The town of Davie has been described as one of Florida’s most unique cities with homes for sale in Davie that offer something for everyone. From tropical sanctuaries to a western feel of ultimate freedom along with a first-class education system, Davie offers a balanced serving of the best amenities in terms of quality and overall well-being for everyone. In other words, whether you are looking for Davie real estate for sale or Davie real estate rentals, chances are you will find something that appeals to you. Davie appeals to a diverse demographic, from young college students to working professionals, families and much more.

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